Tyrepower Queensland

Cooperative Marketing

Over the past 12 years, our partnership with Tyrepower Queensland has been nothing short of remarkable. We’ve had the privilege of overseeing their co-operative and state-based marketing efforts, supporting over 64 tyre store locations across the region. From crafting creatives to orchestrating television, out-of-home, radio, digital advertising, and even sports sponsorships, we’ve worked tirelessly to elevate the Tyrepower brand. Our commitment to operating as an extension of Tyrepower Queensland’s internal marketing arm has been unwavering. Together, we’ve witnessed significant growth and success for the brand, and we’re proud to have played a pivotal role in this journey.

Radio, Television, Billboards, Digital, Sponsoships
Consumer Brands
Franchisee locations in Queensland
Added value across radio value
Reach with our Broncos sponsorship
Average CPC for Paid Search
Tyrepower advertisement kick for concept
Tyrepower branded porsche wrap

For over 12 years, the team at The Advertising Works has worked to grow our dealer network and is an organization focused on building successful outcomes for clients. They have a strong commitment to working as an extension of Tyrepower Queensland as our marketing arm and are a critical part of Tyrepower Queensland’s continued growth and success. We value this partnership over the many years.